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Rant for the Mini

I consider myself a person of considerable intelligence and I am .. trust me … able to read a bill and comprehend it. However reading the anti-pornography bill that has just been passed in Uganda, I find myself more baffled than informed.


Valentine’s – Why we should continue to celebrate it

It is Valentines day again, and this year I have noticed, there doesn’t seem to be much of a fuss on everyone’s part, at least in my part of London.

I hardly saw a red display, many shops having opted for pink! 


End of the road, Princess Komuntale separates from American husband

Royals like the rest of us mortals have problems and it takes guts to be honest and come clean. Kudos to Tooro’s princess for coming out and speaking about issues that royals like her never had to address.


An Ode for Africa

All I hear and read a lot about these days is how it is time for Africa, Africa is rising (and the cynic in me wonders what we are rising from). The way I see it as an African is that we either rise or fall. (more…)


Addiction is a word most associated with alcohol and drug dependence, but I think  it is time it was applied to computer games.  When sellers and makers of video/computer games talk about their inventions, they refer to them as addictive and most times we think nothing of it.  It is fun, innocent fun and for many a harried parent it is the answer to at least an hour of quiet. (more…)

Reality Shows

I was honestly amazed and rather pleasantly surprised when I discovered that the first television reality show was not an invention of the 1990s but rather quite an old one!   We did not discover reality television after all, we are just the generation that tolerates it better than our predecessors. (more…)

Answer your phone, NOT!

The Oxford Dictionary informally defines a maniac as someone who is an obsessive enthusiast, a definition I am in complete agreement with, when we are talking about cellphones. If I were dramatic – and I am not – I would declare that we live in the age of maniacs!

I’ll be the first to admit that I cannot go a day without my phone, I would be lost, and that is the honest to God truth. But I also know that I can go for hours without fiddling with it, my issue is about knowing it is there! (more…)