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Award winning journalism with Barbara Angopa

Award winning Ugandan journalist Barbara Angopa is an inspiration for all Ugandan girls looking to join the field.

I could write about her many inspiring stories on Karamoja, when she worked for NTVU, but that would be to live in the past. (more…)


Love of Africa

9:00am, that was the agreed time, and so five minutes to the top of the hour, I stood poised to knock at Richard Dowden’s house.
“You early” he said, “ I thought I might have a few minutes to drop off my wife.” I found myself ushered into his home, and ordered to ‘feel at home’.
10 minutes later he was back and after making himself a cup of coffee and tea for me, we sat down for that interview.

Dowden is described by some as the Africa experts Africa expert, he is the Director of the Royal African Society, Britain’s prime Africa organisation, working to foster better understanding of Africa in the UK and throughout the world and author of Africa Altered States, Ordinary Miracles. (more…)