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Royals like the rest of us mortals have problems and it takes guts to be honest and come clean. Kudos to Tooro’s princess for coming out and speaking about issues that royals like her never had to address.

Just yesterday, Princess Ruth Nsemere Komuntale announced publicly that she and her husband of one year are going their separate ways. Using her facebook page, the princess made the announcement, talking candidly about the abuse, the cheating and the fact that she and husband Christopher Thomas were on different paths. She asked for patience and understanding not just from the people of Tooro but everyone, going as far as urging the media to allow her time to recover.

Already facebook is inundated, there are those saying Thomas was no good and that they are happy the princess is no longer with him. Some people are going as far as gloating about this sad event, and by people I mean mainly men. Where is your empathy people? The princess is going through a difficult time, hardly the time to be proposing to her!

Facebook responses aside, I am truly concerned that in her letter, she admits her relationship was abusive. No woman deserves to go through any sort of abuse and especially in the hands of one that claims to love you, more alarming is the fact that they have been married but a year.

It is a woman of character that will walk when pushed against the wall and will know when to get out. A lot of women get abused and never find the fortitude to leave for years and years, and for some it never happens. They become victims of the abuse, another statistic. It takes character and strength to admit publicly that you have failed. And it takes even more character to talk about the issues knowing clearly you will be embarrassed and judged.

So for today, I am on her highness side and saying, bravo. Thank you for showing women that keeping up appearances is not the answer. Thank you for showing women that abuse in any form is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. And most of all, thank you for being brave enough to share your darkest moments.
This action by the Princess, will surely touch at least one woman in Uganda experiencing abuse and afraid to do something. Now they know it is not their fault, and that’s key if we are to fight abuse.


Comments on: "End of the road, Princess Komuntale separates from American husband" (1)

  1. Indeed it takes courage and strength to open up for help from people outside ones life. From the religious view if l may say. Faith in God here had to take a center stage in their lives and marriage. Its not only money or public appearances that will stabilize their marriage. Both need to understand the institution in which they made vows. Marriage is a covenant not a project agreement that can be cancelled or nullified any time. I feel bad for both of them. They need to self examine themselves if that is to work out. The princess should know who she got married to and the culture as well as Christopher if he indeed loves our princess. They are so young to trash their marriage down the drainage. God is always waiting for the tired to turn to him for rest.

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