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I am pretty sure that when Martin Cooper, and his buddies pioneered the mobile phone, they did not anticipate just how “big” it would be. I mean as far as “hits” go, this one was, no, IS a massive HIT.

Granted it has been 40 years since Cooper then with Motorola first came up with the technology.  That said the improvements made to mobile telephony today make it ironically right that Motorola is owned by Google, the company whose services dominate most smart phones.  It is a kind of poetic justice.

But that is not why I am writing this,  You see, much as I love my phone, I think I hate it too.  Yes, I have equal parts love and hate for this phone because I think it has a handicap made me!  I am absolutely lost without it and to be honest, and I would be miserable without it.

That said allow me to tell you just why I hate phones in general. First of all they have made lying all too easy. How many people do I see telling others I am almost there when they have not even left the house?  Or I am in town when they are sitting in their living rooms?

And that too may be easy to forgive, but how about the fact that people have become so lazy they just don’t think anymore. An argument breaks out about an issue and instead of people relying on their memories, they google whatever issue to get an immediate answer. That is just plain lazy.  The result is we have a lot more people with blank brains and big, very smart phones. What does this say about the evolution of humans?

I also find it annoying that a very high percentage of all mobile phone users do not know even a single telephone number without cross checking with the phonebook!  So inevitably what happens is if the phone is stolen, or if it hangs and has to be reformatted, even the numbers of the most important people in their lives are lost!  This really is a shame because I remember as a child I knew my mother’s number off head!

When it comes to today’s teens, apart from stuffing their ears 24/seven with headphones and listening to loud obnoxious music, they combine that with incessant texting, tweeting, whatsapping and whatever other platform they have today!

Take the case of my fifteen year old niece, with her blackberry – I hate those things – there is always the sound of keys being attacked!!  It is a miracle she hasn’t been hit by a car the way she keeps going at that phone!

Mobile phones have literally taken over our lives.  I think of all the alien movies when I think of the mobile phone, because it does not discriminate.  No matter what the age, sex, race, education level people today are equally addicted.

The art of conversation is going down the drain, never mind the distortion of English with the never ending acronyms that people assume you already know! All these are unbearable but I think the worst is the people on the bus with their very loud never-ending conversations! Thank God their is no reception on the underground!


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