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Most talked about ..

Being Ugandan, I like knowing what is happening in the country, to keep abreast with everything. Anyway to help others also in my position, I’ll be posting the top 10 most talked about things in the country, on any given day .. sort of a weekly (sometimes daily) update of what you should know happened, is going to happen or might happen based on recent or future events.
This is my first list ( for the first week of June 2013)

1. Media siege (KFM, Dembe FM, Daily Monitor and Red Pepper – reopen after being closed last week
2. General Tinyefuza aka Sejusa seeking asylum in the United Kingdom
3. Corruption in the Prime minister’s office – Kazinda (donors warn Ugandan on misuse of funds
4. Uganda’s Denzel evicted from Big Brother house
5. Bad Black wanted by Interpol
6. Iryn Namubiru’s arrest and release while she was in Japan ( her side of the story)
7. FUFA news – Uganda beat 3 nil by Libya under new coach Micho
8. Promotion of IGP to General ( Kale Kayihura)
9. Uganda Martyrs day – celebrations


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