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A new Pope at last!

Barely a day into his election as Pope, and already saying Pope Francis is as easy as if I have been saying it for years. As a Catholic I am thrilled we have a new pope, but my enjoyment of the momentous decision is infringed upon by all these ‘theories’ that just have to be put out there.

That he is from South America, is great since that part of the world and Africa have the church’s biggest followings. What I don’t like about the headlines is how they call him a pope of the new world. Granted he is a first in many ways: first non European pope, first South American Pope, First Jesuit pope, and there will be very many other firsts we will learn … but why does he have to be called the pope of the new world, why is he not just our new pope? New type of segregation? That said he has the hard job of having to return the European communities back to Christ, and that will be one mountain of a task.

Anyway from what I have read about the man, some believe he was the runner up in the 2005 elections for pope and he has been described by many as a very simple man. As the Arch Bishop of Buenos Aires he is said to have refused his formal Cardinal home choosing to live in a flat and known to like taking the bus… But then he is a Jesuit. And then he reportedly told his parishioners not to travel to Italy if he won, to give the money instead to the poor.

He sounds just what we need, but what I liked most about him is his belief that priests should not deny children from single mothers baptism, now that is an injustice that has gone on for far too long, I am certain he will be seeing to having this changed!

Here’s a few things I have found out about Pope Francis:
1. He will be Pope Francis, not Francis I. “It will become Francis I after we have a Francis II,” said Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi.

2. It’s a big deal for a Jesuit to take the name Francis. Franciscans and Jesuits have had a long, sometimes bitter rivalry.

3. He only has one lung. the other one was removed while he was a teenager, after a serious respiratory infection.

4. He holds degrees in chemistry, philosophy, and theology

5. He worked as a bouncer at a bar – to help pay for his pre-ecclesiastical studies, Bergoglio once worked as a bouncer in a Buenos Aires nightclub.

6. He had a girlfriend once, and liked to tango that was before he discovered his religious vocation.

Like his predecessors he is firmly against gay marriage, adoption by gay couples – considers it a form of discrimination and he is against the use of most contraception – except condoms and not all the time.
I am mighty glad they all choose a name because if my life depended on it, I am sure I’d remember any of our pope’s real names!


Comments on: "A new Pope at last!" (2)

  1. Wevis james said:

    Why r u nosing around in my pope’s business? Next you ll tell us how he has ordered for red gloves for winter.

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