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There are some really random facts that when you learn, you take a moment just to let it sink in. Nicolaus Copernicus, is one of those unknown – albeit important – facts to me. Until today I didn’t know who he was, but don’t let the guys at Big Bang know – airhead is not a title I like.

Born in 1543, today would be his 540th birthday and it is being marked since he was the Renaissance mathematician and astrologer that formulated the comprehensive heliocentric model that placed the Sun rather than the earth at the centre of the Universe.

His theory was that the Earth rotates daily on its axis and revolves yearly around the sun, he also argued that the planets circled the sun.

He Challenged the long held view that the earth was stationery and at the centre of the universe with all the planets, the moon and the sun rotating around it.

Google today celebrated his birthday with a doodle, which is how I ended up reading all about it.


Now you too know!


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