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You got to love facebook. It is the free one stop gossip centre but also an amazing source of news spiced with dozens of views.

Today I was reading one of my friend’s posts and she was talking about the government of Uganda wanting to table a bill, to be later turned into law, that women should be paid for the work they do at home. Of course under this would be the usual housework, cleaning, cooking, basically taking care of the home, and then the children, when they come along, she would be paid for looking after them.

Her concern was not that women shouldn’t be paid, it was that this shouldn’t become a law, after all what goes on between a man and his wife is between the two of them right?

I consider myself open to change but in this case I am of the opinion that to pay your wife for doing what wives and mothers have done since the beginning of time, would create a major conflict. We already have men complaining that Ugandan girls are mercenary, and that a poor fella cannot compete.
Will this not make the girls even bigger gold diggers? I mean the higher the pay proposed the more eager a woman would be to get married. By adding money to the equation, are we not taking away the very aspects that make marriage sacrosanct?

Traditionalists will argue that paying a woman will be an attempt to put a value to the contribution of a woman in a home … and we can all agree that is not possible, there are some things in life that just cannot be measured in monitory terms.

Also allow me to be devil’s advocate here but, what would be the difference between a wife and mother and the mistress and prostitute?

Government meddling is all well and good in matters that affect citizens but how far should micro-management be carried?

When the UK government turned into law a bill that took away all the rights of parents, they must have thought at the time that they were doing something brilliant and great. Parents have practically no rights and all you can do in the form of discipline for your child is talk to them! Yeah, like that works when a child is throwing a tantrum. And you should see some of these kids arguing and shouting at their parents! Honestly they are little monsters with no consideration for others and selfish beyond your wildest imagination. Maybe this is why bullying in this country is so bad, the children have no consideration for other people’s feelings, and kids as young as 11 commit suicide!
Recently there has been talk that the law may be amended after the London riots in 2011.

Anyway back to the issue, when a woman is unemployed, she still needs money and and like someone else argued, its no fun asking for money all the time. But is the answer setting a minimum wage for wives?


Comments on: "How much shall I pay my wife?" (9)

  1. Wevis james said:

    That wud sound like hiring yo own wife or partner. And what if its e guy dng ol that while woman works? Does guy get paid too? Jst wondering.

  2. thx james, my thought too. guess they may later be doing another bill for the stay home husband… then the stay home unemployed kids.

  3. Family values are so eroded now that Im at loss for words – What happened to love, what I have is yours and what you have is mine – Paying you just because you turned off the tap or flashed the loo or received a call is just hogwash – the two in their bedroom can come to an agreement as how they want their stuff to work, bust wasting our money debating garbage in the guise of parliament is no longer acceptable.

    Keep them posts flowing I like

  4. senteweeli said:

    I like the bill, but I need some clarification before I cast my vote:

    1. Would sex be classified as work?
    2. Would I pay higher for a baby boy or baby girl?
    3. Could I get a discount if I bought a washing machine, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner and a robot to pick up my stray socks?
    4. Could I finally brag to my friends that I run a business and so far have one employee with two lifetime clients (my two kids) with potential for more if I “do it” right?
    5. Would she be entitled to paid leave?
    6. Would I be allowed to deduct costs spent on food, utilities etc consumed when her mother spent a week at our “office”?
    7. Am I entitled to a refund on my brideprice?
    8. Would I have to contribute to NSSF?
    9. Could she ask for a pay raise if she got extra credentials from in-house training courses from Senga?
    10. And lastly, over 90% of businesses fail within the first 5 years. Are you gonna blame me for being a serial entrepreneur?

    Please help answer these questions coz I think I just received an invoice from my wife!

  5. I think at certain times life will be a bit easy if men had to pay for all the work we do, maybe then they would be forced to help around the house. Rosemary when you get married and have no maid and work like a donkey and feel so tired at the end of the day and that is at about midnight or past midnight you will understand why most likely women included this in the bill. Many times women dont rest. You come from office and go back home to work. By the time you are done when your head hits the pillow you are in wonderland in 5seconds. Men many times never get to understand what women go through. They think house work is a joke. But you can work the whole day and even after the day is over you still see things that need your immediate attention. Or maybe am just a perfectionist?

  6. Sue, it is absolutely true that women do an incredible lot, but to have a legal document trying to put a measure on what they do, that is just wrong! The idea sounds great, everything considered, but then it will take things that are sacred and try make them mundane! That’s my worry.

  7. Ladies, I am all for value for money and work for value. But you are opening a can of worms, and I can guarantee you, that we men will find a way to make you the losers, bill or no bill.

    The greatest risk wives run is blurring (the already blurred) line that separates wife from other “sections” of female here we men spend money. Are you sure want that? Are you sure you will win this one?

    Just a hint: Look at the way men treat the women we pay upfront for “female services” vs those where the “payment” is indirect in form of dates, gifts etc.

    This law won’t benefit women. It will benefit we men. Read the fine print.

    • Ha ha ha kale gwe @senteweeli … it is because of these blurry lines that people want change, though on this one I am with you, It is a BAD idea!

      • A car cannot be fixed in a restaurant. Marriages are cemented in church/worship places (most) not in board rooms. And God forbid, not in parliament! I know that marriage is built on laws that exist in a constitution made by parliament, but I speak for most couples in love when I say that none of us would be smitten if while on bended knee, we were thinking about parliament and not a lily-lined aisle.

        If I were hired by women as a consultant, I would say; you have to trick us into treating your right. Yes. You need to pull some psychological moves on us. You need to read books like Influence (by Cialdini), Flipnosis (Kevin Dutton), Tipping Point (Malcom Gladwell) and the like. And then a group of you need to get together to begin plotting this on behalf of other women. Don’t come straight at us, coz you cant win a fair battle with us, especially not with violent measures (including legal battles). Play us. We are very easy to play. Very easy.

        And I am not talking about you cheating and stuff like that. Just pick up one of those books and you will see what I mean. You can do this. You need to do this. For your sake, for our children’s sake and ironically, for our sake.

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