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Maybe it is that I have travelled and seen a bit of the world, and while that was happening I also came across different cultures, lifestyles and mindsets.  For this reason I think I now have a newer understanding and appreciation of who I am and where I come from, and the country of my origin.

2012 is absolutely special for Uganda, for in 1962,  we attained independence and for the first time, we raised a flag that even today remains a symbol of national pride, one that is cherished by one and all.
Over the years I have been disappointed, angered, and on occasion felt betrayed, mostly on account of our leaders and their bad choices, usually selfish ones.  But at the same time, I have also had some of the happiest moments of my life which have provided great contentment owing again to said leaders and some very few good decisions.

Now don’t get me wrong, I will not insult your intelligence by acting like any leaders we have had until now have had our interests at heart, but hey what are we without our optimism?  It is one of our greatest assets and I think we would be lost without it.

What bothers me however is the anger, resentment even, that people have to this celebration of a milestone. I don’t see the dilemma. We have to celebrate.  This independence belongs not to the president, his generals, ministers, politicians, and the entire government, not even to the army, but to all Ugandans. You, me, our families, to northerners, westerners, easterners, the Baganda, this is our day.  We will never have another 50 years independence celebration. It can’t wait until we have the ‘right’ leaders, and the acceptable level of development, it is happening now.

Its time to to forget the discontent (for the moment anyway), put aside our feelings of what could have been, should be, and especially what we had hoped to have, so that we can savor this one BIG achievement.

Let us stop making the mistake of assuming that independence was the end of all that could go wrong, it was actually just the beginning, and yes we have made some mistakes, but with 50 years to look back at, it seems we are now better placed to make the right decisions for the future.

History has taught us that we cannot rely on our leaders, so its time we took back our country and made it ours. All we need is a mindset change, the rest as they say will then be history. Focusing on the negative only distracts us from doing something to change things and we can’t afford to be distracted.

It is time to discover what it is we can do for our country rather than what it has done for us and if we don’t like something what better time to change it than now? It is time we stopped comparing Uganda’s achievements to other countries, time for us to make our mark!



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  1. United free for liberty together will always stand!

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