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Reviewing Woman in Black


Woman in Black is an engaging tale about a young lawyer played by Daniel Radcliffe who travels to a remote village and discovers the ghost of a woman terrorising locals.  The film set in early 20th century England is clearly an adventure story with dark undertones and lots of mystery surrounding the village.

The movie is directed by Director James Watkins is based on a novel by Susan Hill and the screen play has been written by  Jane Goldman.

Radcliff plays Arthr Kip a troubled young lawyer who has no choice but to go to a remote village to carry out his boss’ instructions.  Attempts by villagers to get rid of him bear no fruit and eventually he learns why they wanted him to leave as soon as he arrived.  Kip finds himself stuck in a situation not of his making and does his best to resolve it, with an entire village against him and disaster following in his wake.

Radcliffe’s is once again at his best, acting an intense young man who loves his son dearly and is committed to him through it all.  He is intense when he needs to be and it could be argued that Harry potter days made it possible for him to play this role, an underdog with no magic powers.

The scenes were so compelling, the haunted house looking eerily so and the poignant moments with his son a beautiful sight to watch.  The mystery of what’s going on is kept even from the viewer so you have to experience it from Kip’s point of view, which did a good job of keeping the audience interested.
Woman in Black is an entertaining watch and Radcliffe fans need to see it, and see how he has grown as an actor.  Also it is a grat film to watch if you love mystery drama and a touch of the unusual. Its not a family watch since it can be a little scary for younger audiences but it is well spent 90 minutes.


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