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Just last year if you’d said to me there would be a website dedicated in Luganda to people who are “searching” for love, actually that us is not particularly true … these people are looking for someone to marry … I’d probably have laughed out loud.

But I was on the Bukedde website and there it was … a space dedicated to abanoonya … people searching marriage partners. And it in vernacular no less!

Now if you come from London and other first world countries, where there is speed dating and internet dating and programs like “the Bachelor” and “take me out” … this sounds quite archaic.

But honestly Ugandans rarely speak of matters of the heart in public and are quite touchy about their relationships and information surrounding them. In addition, internet connectivity is still quite limited, most people access the net from cafes or at their places of work.

It’s different from other dating sites I have seen, in the sense that the person searching doesn’t really say much about him/herself while most websites here in the UK, people have a profile. Also messages seem to be just a couple of sentences long and instead of emails, people give their phone numbers! And no, not everyone on the website is past their prime. Some are quite young … in their early twenties.

I am not sure if I am shocked though. Ugandans are really good at borrowing ideas and this certainly is one of those that was in the making. Maybe it’s watching all those American soaps, or maybe its reality television’s influence. Whatever the case, the dating scene just got a lot more spiced up.

What worries me however is how this will all work out. The few messages I read quite frankly are essentially WANTED ads!


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