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Over the past week I have been inundated with posts of videos about the LRA leader Joseph Kony and the campaign to make him “famous”.

First of all I get ticked off when I watch the video that he got the location of Uganda wrong. Uganda is in East Africa and NOT Central Africa.  Secondly, I feel its a little too late. Ugandans and people in northern Uganda specifically have for the first time in 20 odd years an opportunity to live normal lives, the IDP camps have been disbanded and people are getting back to their homes and salvaging as much as they can.

This video seems to me a self glorification.

If it was about Northern Uganda and the plight of the people there, how come there is no update about the current situation? How come he spoke to only one child when there were so many others, no one from the government comments about it and overall there is minimum input from the people this most concerns!! Further still what then is the relevance of his son in this issue?

Did Kony commit all the atrocities mentioned in the video, yes, should he be arrested? Absolutely.  But to put up such a video when the people in Northern Uganda are finally getting back to a semblance of normalcy makes me question the motive for this video.

As much as Kony and his ragtag army caused pain and ruined lives, when the people in Northern Uganda were asked what should happen to ex-LRA who were captured – like Thomas Kwoyelo a former commander in the LRA, they all chose reconciliation or mato oput as it is referred to there.  Not to mention that the Uganda government offered amnesty to all those who surrendered within a certain period.

Probably the only good to come out of this video is that now the world knows, not that it ever was a secret.


Comments on: "Kony and the Invisible children …" (3)

  1. Well said. 75 million hits in less than 2 weeks. In a way its amazing how powerful social media is getting…then again Justin Bieber’s Baby video has over 400 million hits. In a way its the war equivalent of the aid pornograpgy that saw naked, fly-infested Ethiopian children paraded on international TV to appease the guilty consciences of a profligate West. Seems like we are in a tyrant lynching mood. Too bad they all seem to be from Africa…but like you said: its not like it was ever a secret…just a case of selective conscience.

  2. The dust settled ages ago, but someow some one has to benefit from the tragedy,
    just like their ancestors these folks will stop at nothing to rob us.

  3. […] as my friend Rose, who happens to be Ugandan, points out: “not that it was ever a […]

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