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The FIFA World Cup and the Olympics have two things in common. Both are sporting events involving nearly the whole world, and hosting these events is the dream of many a country. Now that means that an amazing amount of money will be used to get everything organised and in place.

And this of course – the money spending I mean – is just an issue of common sense. Not for Londoners apparently because since last year all I hear from a whole load of them is complaints.

“What a waste of money” … “Our transport system is rubbish half the time, how are we going to manage?”… “It will come to a stand still”… “So many people” … and “what a nightmare being in London will be”!!

Seriously? First of all its just 17 days, 27th of July to the 12th of August, not the entire year or even all of the summer! And secondly no one forced the games on London. I believe they bid, like all other cities do to host these games. In fact London beat Madrid, Moscow, New York and Paris to host the games. I wonder what the people there would think if they heard just one whining Londoner go on and on.

Already we have been told that London 2012 will have none of the budget bursting razzmatazz that China had. London’s budget is $17.4 billion just over a quarter of the $44 billion China spent to organise the last Olympics. SO the budget has exceeded estimates, but surely if you have issues managing your own finances and making them work you can give the organisers a break, they don’t control the markets either!!

And this is not even the first time the city won to host the games. The Olympics of 1908 and 1948 were held in London and I may not have been there but surely they couldn’t have whinged like this generation.

The games are just 140 days (and counting) away and frankly I am tired of all the complaining. Poor Londoners … the monster called Olympics is taking over their city! I think its time for you to lighten up and take with what little grace you have remaining the honour bestowed on you by the world to host these games.

How often do you have 205 nationalities together in one place at once? So tickets were impossible to get but you never would have managed to watch all 300 events from the stadium anyway!! With all the recession issues that have led to low sales is this not the opportunity of a lifetime for shop keepers, hotels and bar owners?

Coming from Uganda where we can only dream of having such an opportunity, it is insulting to hear such negativity. And I didn’t expect everyone to want the games, I also didn’t expect so many to be against them either.

For every opportunity there is a price and huge crowds and lofty amounts of money are the collateral for this honour. Complaining is not going to change a thing, so suck it in.


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