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Blogging: The new CV

Someone start writing the dirge for the Curriculum Vitae, because as New Statesman’s John Bernstein says, blogging IS the new CV.

A little confusing since he was the same person who asked, “blogging, what is the point?” The point he explained is to decide whether it is passion versus cash, in other words an art form rather than economic enhancement.

He is all about passions but says, “The heats that you do for free will lead to something that pays.”

The comments came out of a “Pimp my Blog” talk to journalism students at City University.  Bernstein advised, “even as an aspiring journalist don’t underestimate the power of the exposure your blog will get you”

There was a debate – is blogging journalism, there was a feeling that it was a threat to journalism


Comments on: "Blogging: The new CV" (1)

  1. True Rosemary blogging is a big threat to traditional journalism which has all the guiding principles to limit the abuse of free speech. I am increasingly starting to categorize bloggers as modern day philosophers with little more than words and no action on the ground, more is needed than just words. So what if I sound like an authority on a given subject, even the devil can quote scripture…oh well progress can not and should not be stopped… or should it? hmmm

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