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Rant for the Mini

I consider myself a person of considerable intelligence and I am .. trust me … able to read a bill and comprehend it. However reading the anti-pornography bill that has just been passed in Uganda, I find myself more baffled than informed.
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It is Valentines day again, and this year I have noticed, there doesn’t seem to be much of a fuss on everyone’s part, at least in my part of London.

I hardly saw a red display, many shops having opted for pink! 

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Datablog Mapping

This is a data map of Restaurants in Islington, London with their rating scores from the food standards agency

Royals like the rest of us mortals have problems and it takes guts to be honest and come clean. Kudos to Tooro’s princess for coming out and speaking about issues that royals like her never had to address.

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An Ode for Africa

All I hear and read a lot about these days is how it is time for Africa, Africa is rising (and the cynic in me wonders what we are rising from). The way I see it as an African is that we either rise or fall. Read the rest of this entry »

I am pretty sure that when Martin Cooper, and his buddies pioneered the mobile phone, they did not anticipate just how “big” it would be. I mean as far as “hits” go, this one was, no, IS a massive HIT.

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Flower power

I think we live in a generation where the word beautiful is often misused! No truly I feel that way. But on some days … I find real beauty and I can’t stop oohing aahing over it.

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